John Malesevic

My Son (2020)

Type: Short Film

Synopsis: When a man forgives and begins exchanging letters with the murderer of his adopted daughter, he must choose between abandoning his principles and alienating his family.

Year: 2020

Camera: RED 

Art Director: Mrdu Pankaj

Directed & Edited by: John Malesevic

Produced by: John Malesevic

Director of Photography: Dheeraj Thakur

Sound Design: Sara Pinheiro                Script Supervisor: Abihpsa Kaloo
Colorist: Nicole Goode
1st AC: Mihir Kulkarni
Grip: Venkatesh Margasahaya
Gaffer: Allesandro Stagno

Location Sound: Bogdan Kozula


Before: on the day of the shoot, there was much more activity than we anticipated at our location.

After: through careful placement of props, we transformed a construction site into a the hallway of an American government building.

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