John Malesevic

My Mother's Birthday (2024)

Directed and Produced by John Malesevic

Cinematography: Zack Richards

Sound Design by John Malesevic

Edited by John Malesevic

Gaffer/Grip: Billie Smith

Assistant Director: Sarah Sagan

Focus Puller: Ross Cooper

Sound: Yvonne Corbett

Assistant Camera: Vince Chen

Type: Short Film, Proof-of-concept

Synopsis: On the day of his mother's birthday, an young aspiring mafioso has to commit his first murder in order to become a made-man. 

Year: 2023

Camera: RED Komodo 8k

Currently in post-production

Mounting the camera on a 'hostess' tray for the driving portions of the film.

We used a jib to get a great shot of the two mafiosos rolling up at a junkyard to dispose of their victim.

Close up of the disposable handgun.

Tommy, the aspiring mafioso, having second thoughts about a life of crime as he points his pistol at his first victim's head.

Zack Richards, the cinematographer, capturing an important shot.

For the production, we hired a therapy cat named George to play the victim's cat. He was very friendly and inquisitive!

The victim, Dan, being gruesomely disposed of via woodchipper.

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