John Malesevic

Hello, my name is John Malešević.

I'm a Filmmaker and Film Instructor based in Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in Directing, Producing, Editing, and Cinematography.

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Need a Producer? 

Are you an aspiring filmmaker with a great concept for a film or a series, but you're not sure where to begin? Consider hiring a friendly and knowledgeable producer, who can help pull together a professional production on a tight budget.

During my education at Prague Film School, I honed my knowledge on all aspects of producing a motion picture, from pre-production, principal-photography, to post-production.

I have spent the last two years teaching Film Production and Documentary filmmaking at Framingham State University, where I instruct and mentor students interested in film, video, and documentary production. My experience as an educator has afforded me the opportunity to assist aspiring filmmakers trying to break into the industry or produce their own independent content. I have helped clients develop proof-of-concepts, short and feature films, and commercial projects from conception to premiere. 


Best Short Film, Swedish Film Festival (All the PathsBest Short Film, Global Shorts (Hope Dies Last) Best Original Screenplay, I See You Festival (Pandemic)  Voted Best Film, Best Script, Prague Film School (My Son

Need a


I am very experienced with cinematic videography, both for narrative and commercial projects. I own and operate a Black Magic 4k Cinema Camera with a variety of lenses, a Raubay 70.8 tripod, and a DJI Ronin. I offer competitive and affordable rates!

Some of my commercial clients include the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Boston University's CELOP program.

Cinematography Reel: 

Need a Director?

If you're looking for a passionate, creative, competent, and highly experienced director, look no further. I consider directing to be one of my greatest skills.

Low-budget filmmakers tend to want to direct their films themselves, however directing is harder than it looks. In addition to appropriately directing actors and the action, an experienced director  carefully chooses shots that appropriately and effectively reinforce the narrative of the film. Good direction is crucial to the success of a film.


 Best Director, Swedish Film Festival (All the Paths)

Need an Editor?

One of the most important facts I convey to my students is that editing is the only unique aspect of audio/visual production. Video editing is one of my best skills. Editing can make or break a film.

I am fluent in Adobe premiere pro, Final cut pro, and AVID editing software, though the Adobe Suite is my usual go-to. 

Besides non-linear editing in both narrative film and commercial projects, my editing skills include color grading, key framing, and VFX. I utilize many VFX from Footage Crate for my projects.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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