John Malesevic

The Adventures of J.W. McCall

The Adventures of J.W. McCall is an upcoming Western/Action web series. Produced by Norm Harbinson and John Malesevic, the series stars Norm Harbinson as J.W. McCall, an infamous, legendary, but elderly gunslinger who, upon learning who was responsible for his family's murder years before, comes out of retirement to seek revenge.    

ABOVE: Norm Harbinson as J.W. McCall

In the proposed film, J.W. roams the Wild West, methodically tracking down a former Partner responsible for the death of his family decades before, while maintaining a low profile. Along the way he encounters intriguing strangers, performs heroic deeds, and makes new friends and enemies alike.

You made it to the end! Please enjoy our PR video on our strict gun safety that we practice on the set.

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