John Malesevic

All the Paths (2023)

Type: Short Film

Synopsis:  After a desperate and unsuccessful ambush on a German troop convoy, two British paratroopers are given shelter in a farmhouse by French civilians, with devastating consequences. 

Year: 2023

Camera: Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k

Art Director: John Malesevic
1st AD: Bob Stellar
Directed & Edited by: John Malesevic
Produced by: John Malesevic 
Director of Photography: John Malesevic

Color: John Malesevic
Associate Producers: Norm Harbinson, Bob Stellar, Jason M. Cleary
PA: Sarah Sagan

An American reconnaissance patrol.

The lone survivor of the failed British ambush at the moment of being rescued by the American recon patrol. 

The French farmer watching in horror as a German squad approaches his house.

The German antagonist terrorizing French civilians. 

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